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Hiiiiii I'm Megan, Im the girl behind the action. Writing love stories and bringing small and big moments into tangible forever memories with the shutter of my lens. I am a lover of comfort and adventure. I am a type 2 on the engram, and love all the personality tests, and everything to do with psychology, and the brain. I'd say I spend most of my free time diagnosing crime documentaries. I am married to my middle school sweet heart, living the dream in our farm house and our three kiddos.

Time is precious. It slips through our finger tips like the ocean water, no matter how tight we squeeze it in the palm of our hands, it's gone. Memories are like the glass you put your ocean water in... To conserve and protect and never let go. Your story is your ocean, its sight is endless, just as your memories shall be. Tangible, and unforgettable. Relived as time stand still in the frame of an image as for the ocean water in the glass.